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More pet owners are choosing to purchase insurance for their pets. These pet insurance policies provide peace of mind for pet owners and protect them and their pets from costly medical bills due to accident or injury. This growing field has an increasing number of options for all types of pets. This site answers many of the questions shoppers for pet insurance have. To get started select a question from the links on the right or continue reading!

How Pet Insurance Works

Much like human health insurance, pet health insurance offsets the costs of veterinary care in the event of an illness or accident. A typical pet insurance plan will share the costs with the pet owner in the form of a deductible or co-payment or both. A deductible is a fixed amount the pet owner is responsible for before the pet insurance kicks in. For example, if your dog needed to be treated for a broken leg, and the total bill came to $600, there may be a deductible of $50 that you, the pet owner, are responsible for while the dog insurance covers the rest of the bill. With a co-payment, the costs are split by a percentage. For instance an $800 vet bill for a cat being treated for a tumor could be split 20% / 80% meaning that the cat insurance would cover $640 of the treatment and the owner would pay the remainder.

Why is pet insurance important?

More pet owners are opting for the peace of mind that pet insurance provides everyday. As the costs of the best and latest veterinary procedures rise, owners worry about what would happen if their pet had an unexpected accident our illness. With bills ranging into the thousands of dollars, some owners are forced to consider 'economic euthanasia' if they are unable to pay for the care their pet needs. With a good pet insurance policy, a low monthly fee will protect you and your pet from these tough decisions.