Can I get insurance for my reptile / bird / rodent?

There are an increasing number of policies available for your non canine and feline owners. The insurance decision for these pets can be difficult due to limited insurance provider options and and generally expensive premiums.

What to consider when buying exotic pet insurance

The higher cost of insuring your bird, snake, turtle or other exotic pet is likely to be higher than it would be to insure a dog or cat. This is due to two factors. The first is that there is less competition in the field of exotic pet insureres. The second factor is the limited ability of vets to care for these types of animals. Often care for exotic pets can only be provided by a specialist with experience in the field. This leads to an overall higher cost of care.

Is exotic pet insurance worth it?

If you are considering insuring your exotic pet you need to consider how much you would be willing to spend on vetrinary care for the pet. If you are an owner who would want the highest level of care available regardless of the cost then pet insurance makes sense for you. However, you need to weigh coverage against the cost of the premium over the life of the pet and the likelyhood that you will need to use the policy. Many exotic pets have a longer life span than their feline and canine counterparts. This should be factored into the insurance decision.