How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Most customers are surprised at how affordable pet insurance can be. Policies offer varying degrees of protection, deductibles and co-payments as well as flexible payment schedules to make sure that you can afford to protect your pet. The cost of pet insurance is calculated by a variety of factors including the type of pet, the breed and the age. Finding out how much a pet insurance policy would cost for your pet takes only a few minutes. Using the comparison tool on you can get quotes from all the leading pet insurance providers and easily compare the costs and benefits of each policy.

How much does dog insurance cost?

Pet insurance for a healthy dog that is under nine years old can cost anywhere from $6 a month all the way to $75+ per month. This is because of the level of protection provided. The lowest priced policy is an “accident only” policy. This policy provides limited coverage for emergency care. It has a relatively low payout, a high co-pay and a $200 deductible. Compare this too a high priced policy which has a low deductible, and covers everything from spaying to accidents to cleaning your pets teeth. The important thing to remember is that there are a range of offerings between these two examples. Almost any level of coverage and price point is available from one of the several providers. The easiest way to find the policy that is

How much does cat insurance cost?

Feline pet insurance is quite similar to pet insurance for dogs. Prices range from about $5 a month for a basic policy to policies that are $50 or more. When comparing policies it’s important to weigh the coverage versus the price. For care that you can pay for out of pocket, it may not make sense to purchase coverage. Although some people find value knowing that with the full coverage policy their pet can get all the care needed for a fixed monthly cost.