Does pet insurance cover routine care?

While some pet insurance policies do cover routine care such as shots, checkups, etc. most are applicable only for emergency veterinary needs. This makes sense because specialist and emergency care is the most expensive and is often where new and advanced techniques can be used to save your pets life. However there are a few policies that cover all pet health needs.

Hartville Best

Hartville does offer their "Best" pet insurance plan which covers annual check-ups, vacinations, dental cleaning, etc. This plan still includes a deductible and a 20% co-pay. It also demands a large premium over the typical accident only pet insurance policy. Hartville Best policies start at just over $75 per month.

Is routine care coverage worth it?

The important question to ask is "can I cover these costs out of pocket?" For yearly exams and vacinations that you can anticipate and be prepared to pay for it probably doesn't make sense to opt for a full coverage pet insurance policy. Because of the higher premium it is unlikely you will get your moneys worth. This policy makes sense for pet owners who want only the very best for their pets and want the comfort of knowing that all pet are needs can be met no matter what.