What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Want to know what a pet insurance policy covers? Here are the general guidelines of what types of veterinary care an insurance policy for your dog, cat or other pet would cover.

Accident and Illness Coverage

The primary purpose of pet insurance is to protect pet owners and their pets in case of an unexpected accident or illness. Because the latest veterinary procedures used to treat serious conditions are so expensive, owners opt to protect themselves and their pets with insurance. Most pet insurance policies include some form of co-payment, which allows for the low rates that you'll find on Insure-My-Pet.com while at the same time protecting owners from huge veterinary bills and allowing costs to be taken out of the equation when you need to make medical decisions concerning your pet. Routine and predictable care is typically not covered, although some new policies are being offered with full coverage at a higher cost.

Why about routine care and pre-existing conditions?

While some pet insurance policies do cover routine care such as shots, checkups, etc. most are applicable only for emergency veterinary needs. This makes sense because specialist and emergency care is the most expensive and is often where new and advanced techniques can be used to save your pets life. In addition almost all pet insurance policies make exclusions for pre-existing conditions. This is done in the form of a waiting period for most animals. The purpose of a waiting period is to prevent someone from taking out a policy after their pet is already sick (like trying to insure your car after you have been in an accident). These same exclusions can apply to certain breeds of animals with known medical conditions. For example if you own a purebred Yellow Lab dog, the pet insurance policy may not cover hip care as this is a very common medical problem in Yellow Labs. When you receive your free pet insurance quotes, be sure to verify what the insurers policy is on pre-existing and breed related medical conditions so that you know you will be covered.